Paid membership support, PayPal, CCBill

There are three new plugins available in Oxwall Store: Paid membership, PayPal, CCBill. You can now charge your users for extra features and permissions on your site.

How it works

Basically, ‘Paid Membership’ plugin allows to create membership levels on top of user roles. It will accept payments from users on subscription page and automatically handle start and expiration of premium memberships as well as recurring charges and renewals. Every membership level can also have different period/price plans so you can give discounts on longer subscriptions. PayPal and CCBill plugins come as payment gateways for the membership plugin.

Important: these plugins will only work on Oxwall beta 4. Don’t try to install them on earlier versions.

VERY important: No, I mean really, folks. Only Beta 4!

Feel free to play a little bit with those plugins. Take your time to configure them properly. Questions can be asked in Oxwall support forum.


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4 thoughts on “Paid membership support, PayPal, CCBill

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  2. This is a note to anyone who is thinking of purchasing the membership plugin.

    I read on the blog, the following…

    “PayPal and CCBill plugins come as payment gateways for the membership plugin.”

    These “do not” come with the plugin as it may sound, as I found out.

    I hope this will help you.


  3. Hi , so what are you saying that the pluging dont work ?, i have a question my friend maybe you can help, on my site i cant get the video to work and i set up the facebook connect and theres a problemit cant connect and am confussed and a begginer, is it possible to visit the site and give me some advice , and the paypal and user membership is a must how did you go round that issue please. thanks in advance

    • Said plugins work on all Oxwall versions starting from Beta 4. If you have any other questions, the team will gladly answer them on the forum.

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