Oxwall 1.1 + new plugins

Boy look what we’ve got here! Oxwall 1.1 + plugin updates + new plugins + new themes — it’s like Christmas came early!

What’s new:

– Jquery 1.5
– Cron run check and notification
– Authorization mechanism enhancements (affects all plugins!)
– Avatar display change, requires new decorator use (affects all plugins!)
– User console refactored for adding elements by plugins
– Language handling refactored to enable plugins to add global language keys
– User and config tables cache enabled for better performance
– Platform version in admin dashboard
– URL highlighting for all user content for easy clicking (finally!)
– SEO-oriented meta page information in all plugins to allow better and deeper indexing of your site by search engines. If you have incoming links to your site that should do great job for its promotion.
– Avatar labels for particular user roles. You can have specific user roles like “admin”, “staff”, or even “pro” or “gold”, so users can show them off on avatars. Configure user roles and color-code avatar labels on your community!
– Display type disabled for index page comment wall
– Comment form now has posting user’s avatar
– User list selection for plugins’ needs optimized
– Suspended users can now edit their profiles
– Multiple ‘untranslatable’ spots eliminated
– Custom pages access issues solved

… and more small enhancements including killing pet peeves constantly reported on support boards. Too much to list here so we let you discover and enjoy those one by one. ๐Ÿ™‚


Virtual gifts:

– User can send each other public and private virtual gifts with optional personal messages in them.
– Gifts can be customized and divided into categories.

User credits:
– User credits can be purchased through payment gateways (such as PayPal), earned by activity on site, and spent on things like virtual gifts.
– Complete customization;


Club‘ and ‘Rainy‘ themes. Enjoy.


– ‘View more’ without page refresh
– Feed context highlight: groups, profiles
– Unlike;
– Comments and Likes expand/collapse
– Optional status update on Index page
– Profile comment wall support

– Voting interface enhancement

– On-site event invitation notifications
– Past events list
– An event is now still ongoing until the end time
– Chronology problems in event widgets corrected
– Event authorship problem substitution when edited by moderator is solved
– Event icon is now optional
– Inactive ‘invite’ button problem solved


– Multiple friend requests problem solved
– Suspended users no longer show up in friends lists


‘Last Activity’ and ‘Status Updates’ plugins are now discontinued and no longer will be updated. They are replaced by Newsfeed.


Those impatient can download the new release, new plugins, new themes, and updates manually for now. Tomorrow we are unleashing auto-update upon you so you will be able to update right from the admin panel.

PLEASE UPDATE PLATFORM CORE FIRST. Only after that you can update everything else and install new plugins. PLEASE UPDATE THEMES MANUALLY AS WELL – they contain important additions and corrections.

Thanks for creating with us!

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27 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.1 + new plugins

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  2. I will have to give it to you guys, EXCELLENT work, i’ve test out quite a few social sites and their software, this by far has to be one of the best i’ve seen, please keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. good. I did the update for 1.1 as saying in instrusรตes and screwed up my social network platform. does not explain how to update the platform for a new version? the platform that was screwed …. anyway I’m not mad, but fikei boring ..
    Yours sincerely

    • As I said, you are advised to wait until auto-update is turned on. You will only need to click buttons in the admin area to update then.

  4. Is there any way when the user join that they can go back to the main page.. Because when they join they can’t go back to the home page until they log into there email and activate. So right now there just being locked out

  5. Oh I fix it… the question above myself….
    Is there anyway when the user click on photos that it goes straight to albums instead of all the photos…

  6. Update availability is checked once in 24 hours. Just wait for the notification in admin area. It’s on every page.

    • Where is the instant chat? I hope it will release as soon as possible. I like virtual gift. Nice.

  7. Well i love the new update, however, i can not get my people that i had admins back. When i try to put the new admin back in the update, its say my user can not be found. Can i get some help please ?

    • The ONLY 1.1 Differences On My Network That I Notice Are (User Rolls) Being Able To Be Shown On Profiles, and 15 Newest Valued Members Going Vertical, Instead Of Horizontal. My Valued members & I Prefer Horizontal! :–)

      User Rolls Displayed For Oxwall Employees Looks Better. For Me & My Moderators, They Cover Up Stuff On Profile Icons. :–)

  8. can you please tell me how to install the update i have uploaded to my site but iam still being told i need to update

    • I appreciate your being thankful for our work. I would also be thankful if you returned Oxwall reference on your site, as required by our license. You actually violate it by having removed the reference image and the link.

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