More details about the upcoming Oxwall 1.2


Judging by your questions about Oxwall 1.2 and the anticipated release date we realized that we didn’t do a good job communicating the current work in process. Even more, we gave the promise to release it within a week since that post but we didn’t keep it.

I want to shed more light on what is currently being developed and why it’s taking more than we originally planned.

1.2 is going to be a major step forward because of several changes that affect practically any aspect of current functionality. Let me atomize those changes with some more details.

1) Text input

We always knew that the current method of text input for users was temporary. We don’t believe in settling for something less than excellent and user experience for writing blogs, forum posts, etc (including adding rich text formatting and HTML) was always substandard. Until 1.2. Now we will make it WYSIWYG and add easy tools for adding custom HTML, images and subsequently videos. We will iterate until text input, HTML embed, and rich text formatting become super-convenient, fast, and efficient. Users shouldn’t notice they enter text at all – they should just use software without realizing all the underworks.

Text input rebuild is what takes a lot of time and doesn’t always want to obey the release plan dates. Particularly we are fighting several last bugs and shortcomings. We didn’t want to use heavy and clumsy solutions like TinyMCE – instead we are using a lightweight library that uses built-in browser capabilities. Those have their own trade-offs but the final result should be worth it.

2) Advanced photo upload

Photo upload is another topic that was long overdue radical enhancement. We will let you choose as many photos from your computer as you want, resize them for you, let you enter tags and descriptions for particular photos – all fast and convenient. For that task we will be using Adobe Flash plugin. In fact, we are not big fans of Flash but Java is worse. So please bear with Flash for all the convenience it will bring for any Oxwall site that has photo upload. This is almost finished, again we try to make it as easy to use as possible. When you play with it let us know how we did this time.

Flash is goofy so it certainly contributes to the release falling behind schedule.

3) Privacy and enhanced newsfeed

This is a change that will have profound penetration into all functionality across Oxwall. We are going to release a new plugin that will introduce basic levels of access for user’s content. All other plugins will be updated to reflect that.

Some privacy aspects are mixed with the updated Newsfeed plugin. It will also contain new items grouping for better content flow. This sounds vague of course but you will be able to see what I’m talking about when the update is there.

The update newsfeed will also allow to choose which types of content get in the streams – something that a lot of users ask us in private and public. First we thought it was a good idea to make it with one-size-fits-all approach but with more and more sites using Oxwall it starts proving itself wrong. Oxwall powers a lot of diverse communities nowadays and we understood we shouldn’t decide for you. Hope you will find that flexibility useful.

Yeah, yeah but WHEN?

Ouch, I hoped to avoid this question. Because of the nature of this update (broad horizontal changes across all plugins) we will have to ask Skalfa staff for help. Did you know Skalfa runs a free hosted Oxwall solution –

After internal testing we will update select number of users first – probably next week (sounds familiar, I know). We will gather feedback for up to one week, then help Skalfa update completely and gather feedback again.

These measures are going to bring you super-stable core and plugin updates – just like your site deserves. Preferably all you will have to do is push buttons in admin area as usual. The downside: you will have to wait a little bit more.

We realize we are behind schedule but that is fine. Instead we give you quality, piece of mind, and a lot of thought put in this work. Hope you enjoy it.

Oxwall Foundation

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31 thoughts on “More details about the upcoming Oxwall 1.2

  1. Guys, you guys dont know how much I appreciate everything you are doing. Please do not hurry by any means. Take your time, I am in no hurry. I wanted to thank the whole team once again.

  2. Great for its release Some Day and Bad thing is Is release later
    anyway thank you guys Just Work on Group’s and topics view and latest Topic’s in Group’s change in main newsfeed
    im happy with oxwall always πŸ™‚

  3. and just 1 question
    what happen to User preferences page on your roadmap ?
    its in test for year its will release with oxwall 1.2?
    or later?

    • this was done by installing several widgets with custom html code, which allowed him changing his profile.

  4. All the updates sound wonderful! Only thing I see missing is the privacy for “Groups” currently, members start groups that aren’t PRIVATE to the members of that group. Will that be one of the changes? I sure hope so, because if a group is not private to it’s members… why be a group? Know what I mean? We wanted to have a group that would include blood relatives, family – aside from the basic members. Where just family could get in, share photoes, chit-chat, chew out, whatever… but right now, not possible because groups arent’ private to it’s members. Just wanted to add that before it’s too late, if it isn’t already. In either case, I must say… I do love the freedom this software provides, so thank you! Nothing but love for it and those working hard to make it right!

  5. As a beginner i would like to know do this update will have some approval system to add user (i.e i want only people from my college able to register )like if it have some kind of registration approval so the moderators will accept the registration …

  6. Oxwall Congratulations! I see that really changes is expected by all,
    even by those who are already using this beautiful
    script. I wish you a nice change, because I hope that this

    • There won’t be a demo for the new release, but we have a bug-hunt planned anyway. Right now the 1.2 is tested in-house with the great help from Skalfa guys. After that it will be unleashed on the focus group. The release is quite bulky, but we hope it won’t take long now.

  7. But how about other users of oxwall with other hosting,not .They will have to whait another year or two? πŸ˜€

  8. Thanks for everything you guys are working on!
    I personally would much rather wait for a quality product, than to have to deal with a program full of bugs…

  9. If this is a community project why I can not find any 1.2 beta versions svn or why developers could not join to develop to help community.

    • Ali, good questions!

      We plan to offer limited access to beta versions in future. Currently there’s no such thing as 1.2 beta since we are still in the process of finalizing it. Also, it’s possible that we set up public repository down the road when the product becomes mature. Currently it makes sense to keep development centralized and to create good documentation first. Thanks!

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    • If you are interested in plugin development, the first step to take is to look here. There you can find some useful info that can get you started.

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