Oxwall Policy Changes and Oxwall Club

Oxwall Policy Changes and Oxwall ClubDear community members, we would like to draw your attention to several changes and additions to our policies. For your convenience all of them can now be found in the ‘Oxwall Policies and Licenses‘ section of the main Oxwall website.

Oxwall Domain Policy

This new policy is introduced due to trademark issues and to avoid possible confusion among regional and vertical Oxwall websites dedicated to the software itself (translation, distribution, etc.). In short, we ask webmasters not to use ‘Oxwall’ in top-level domain names. Click here for more details.

Oxwall Attribution Policy

The attribution topic frequently comes up in the comments, when webmasters of Oxwall-powered networks ask us whether they can remove the ‘Powered by Oxwall’ logo at the bottom of the page. The thing is – Oxwall is Open Source, and in return we only ask the community to keep the attribution. Click here for more details.

Other important documents in the ‘Oxwall Policies and Licenses‘ section include Oxwall License, Oxwall Store Terms of UseOxwall Store Commercial License, and Oxwall Software Terms of Use.

Oxwall Club

Now we are getting to the fun part. Oxwall Foundation is proud to launch an exclusive Oxwall Club. It will unite officially recognized international communities devoted to local promotion of our software, as well as helping Oxwall-powered networks in their native languages. So now you know that anyone with a CLUB badge in the forum is actually a representative of a regional or vertical community. Click here to learn about the benefits of Oxwall Club membership and other details.


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9 thoughts on “Oxwall Policy Changes and Oxwall Club

  1. Hello,

    we want to say thank you for our Membership in the Oxwall Club and hope that we can help users to create their personal (German) Community with Oxwall!

    Also, we’re working on our website and on the German translation and we will publish the translation and our website as soon as possible!

    Oxwall Community Software Deutschland Team

    • Please contact Addenster in the forum regarding your membership. If you already have, just wait a little bit more, the question must be under consideration.

  2. ok guys , at the end of the days you make the ules and they are fair anyway so thats cool. on my site i did this to do with the Oxwall Attribution
    i think its ok i left the powered by oxwall software but replaced the button links to my website you have to c your selfs http://www.batiha.com let me know if thats fine . i like it.


    How can one get the problem of BEING ONLINE or OFFLINE sorted out. Most of the time members are shown ONLINE while in fact they are OFFLINE….

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