Oxwall Hangout Call in Meetup Aftermath

OK, so the first Oxwall Meetup NYC is now the thing of the past. It was loads of fun, I’m sure, with beer, pizza, guitar music, etc… All enjoyed exclusively by Oxwall Founder Emil sitting alone in a Manhattan pub.

Yeah, I guess the short notice and geographical location did not do Oxwall fans any favors, and sadly no one showed up. But hey, we learned a mighty lesson here, and more thought will go into organizing meetups in the future. That’s right, we areĀ unfazedĀ and are moving on.

To prove our commitment to hearing directly from the community, and also taking cues from the pre-meetup feedback, we are going to setup Google+ Hangouts for admins running Oxwall-powered websites, hosted by Emil and other fine Oxwall people. This way we’ll keep the informal feel we were going after, and eliminate the minor problem of not being physically present in the US.

Watch this space, Oxwall’s Facebook or Twitter for a special announcement regarding the first Hangout. We’ll see you there!

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4 thoughts on “Oxwall Hangout Call in Meetup Aftermath

  1. Re the meet up !

    Hard for me to get there from Australia even if i was a member then ..but if there is similar in Brissie .. definitely will try to go.

    I have been looking at different social network script for my site and when I tried yours out it was exactly what I was looking for.

    I hope you are able to develop some links to open simulator in the future ..like xoops and joomla have ..

    Sitting alone in the pub ..I find that so hard to believe could happen..yes a lesson in social networking is required ..just kidding !

  2. Emil I would have totally came to the meetup but yes it was short notice and to close to the holidays as well you guys are awesome!

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