First Official Oxwall Google+ Hangout January 19

As promised last month, we have finally found time for a Google+ Hangout with you guys. All admins running Oxwall-powered websites, or anyone interested in joining our rapidly growing community are welcome to join us next Thursday, January 19th, at 12PM EST (6PM CET) for an informal chat.

Once again, Oxwall founder Emil will be on hand to speak about his vision for the product, answer any questions, and even make important announcements concerning Oxwall Software and Oxwall Store. Oh yeah, and also to simply hangout with like-minded people. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

For those not in the know – Google+ Hangout is basically a multi-user video chat available to anyone with a Google account. Before joining a Hangout you should make sure your webcam, microphone, and speakers (or headphones) are all working properly. Also, we advise to run a quick test Hangout if you’ve never done it before, just to make sure you have all the necessary plugins installed. If you have everything ready, add Emil ( to one of your Circles and wait for him to launch the Hangout at designated time – you’ll see a notification on your Google+ Stream.

Now, since we have a truly international community here, with members all across the globe, we had to think long and hard about the best time to hold the Hangout. Launching it at 12PM EST seems to be the best possible compromise, but as always, we are open to your suggestions. Let us know what you think, what you want to talk about, or if you have any technical questions regarding the Hangout in the comments bellow.

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3 thoughts on “First Official Oxwall Google+ Hangout January 19

  1. Interesting using Google, it seems kinda counter productive though. Isn’t there a Video Chat in Oxwall? I just hate to send traffic over to what would in essence be considered the “Competition” or at the very least the big boys.

    • You see, Google+, and especially Hangouts are already extensively used by the tech community for the sort of mass communication we are looking for – easy, stable, live, informal, etc. Sure, we have the ability for the internal integration of tinychat, but we want to remain open to the outside world as well. So, we are not directing traffic anywhere, but seizing an opportunity here, allowing Oxwall admins to add Emil to their Circles for future events.

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