Oxwall 1.5 available on December 19

I’m very excited to share with you what’s about to land on the Earth’s beautiful face with sheer joy, grace, and sanctity, to finally give the “Answer to Life, the Universe and everything”.

I mean, we have just completed development and internal testing for our upcoming release, Oxwall 1.5. This is going to be our most important release this year. What’s so great about it, you ask?

Origin: the new default theme

Oxwall gets the new look’n’feel so it really becomes a whole lot of a different software, especially when Origin works with the new…


  • We redesigned user console, so now it’s less obtrusive, more efficient, and more functional. It can be used by various plugins to enhance user experience and interaction. Now those plugins can get important functions at your disposal within a click or two on every page.

  • As a result, we are introducing real-time on-site notifications, so you’ll be able to find out instantly that someone commented on your photo, or invited you to an event – all while you are chatting or playing games.

  • Instant chat redesigned from ground up to make it more comfortable to chat with friends online.

  • Watchdog, the new native anti-SPAM plugin. It’s functionality is a little limited at the moment, but we commit to make it a valuable part of Oxwall, available out of the box.

  • Very important improvements, including:
    • the ability for admin to edit users’ profile info and view hidden entries;
    • smoothly removing old unused newsfeed items thus improving performance;
    • default rating system improvement;
    • and a million others.

More themes coming soon

We plan to make many new free modern themes based on Origin. You can count on those appearing in the Oxwall Store pretty soon.

Developer beta

… is available immediately. All developers and beta testers will be notified to receive access and start testing the platform and their plugins and themes for compatibility.


For the rest of us, Oxwall 1.5 hits the ground on December 19. That’s what I call stealing thunder from Christmas. Keep tight!

Oxwall Foundation team

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119 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.5 available on December 19

  1. It looks awesome, can’t wait to have it powering my community website! At least I will have a great gift before the world “ends” :P…

  2. Hi there,

    I have been doing a custom development for about 3 weeks full time (integration with Google Maps is main core modification). I would like to know :
    – how can be a beta tester/developper?
    – what are core modifications so we can know develop our code as quick as possible?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Maria,

      I’m looking to have a Google Map integration developed for Oxwall. Perhaps we have similar needs and can join forces on this development. Contact me an we can discuss it.


  3. Hi and congratulation with the new version!
    Oxwall looks great in todays version and I guess it’s going to be even better in a few weeks time…

    I have not started using Oxwall because of the “bug” in the privacy settings. Have you dived into that issue during this extensive work on the new version?
    It’s possible for everybody to access picutres marked “only me” and “friends only” via eg the tags…
    I never got any final reply from the forum on this issue.

  4. Will this version be a little easier on my server? I REALLY like the software but it was hard on my server.. was that fixed in this update? Thanks!

    • It should be better in terms of performance, since we made several very important changes in that regard.

  5. i like to see the magic of oxwall

    please give me a demo

    and one more que : this version is nobile supportive or not

    • heya. it can work very well on mobiles but doesnt have a full featured mobile site .

      I think its on works now . It will be a treat just like the 1.5

  6. nice. want to test, but Im not have plugins created πŸ™‚ have server and some php code knowledge.

  7. Looking forward to the new Oxwall!

    I’d love to see privacy settings for each individual area of the profile (ie. Basic, Contact Info, etc.) or the fields themselves so that the users could choose who gets to see what. Right now if a user wants to keep their info private, they have to hide their entire profile or not fill out the fields they want to keep private.

  8. I’m really excited to see the new platform and the new features. I have used the current version for some time now and people are loving it. Let’s see what the new 1.5 will do. Thanks so much.

  9. Can people make “fan pages” with OxWall yet?

    Until that point I can’t really use it for anything. Just having profiles is long the way of the past.

    • Hi CHWolf,

      Check out this plugin ( http://www.oxwall.org/store/item/295 ) and see if it meets your Fan Page needs. If it doesn’t, then you might work with the developer to have it modified. I paid this developer to modify his custom search tool plugin to meet my needs and he did an excellent job in a short amount of time. I highly recommend his products and services.



  10. Nice work! This is going to be great! How long until the beta testers get to update their software and test this out? I’m on the Beta tester group, but do not have a update on my Admin Panel.

    • You should have received an email how to obtain the developer beta. It’s not in your admin panel, since we wouldn’t push a beta onto live sites.

  11. wow, cant wait. also cant wait for you guys to add a plugin that lets the user access there Iheart radio, or Pandora

  12. Nice work, looking forward to trying it.

    Have to ask though:
    – Are images still uploaded and stored as JPEG? I have a hack that I have to apply after Oxwall updates to store images as PNG to preserve transparency (ignoring GIFS all together).

    – Is the date formatting still limited? I have another hack which adds the day to each date. For instance, usually it’ll just say “21 Nov” but my hack makes it “Wed, 21 Nov”. Our community is event-driven so knowing the day that things happen is very important. It would be ideal if this was configurable via the admin interface.

    Also, I’ve made a number of changes to the events plugin for our community. I invite you to take a look and see if there’s anything there you like. Feel free to pull the features back in to the core events plugin.


    Again – well done. Looking forward to seeing it in action.


  13. Looks great!
    One question, I hope we can disable the real-time notification functionality? I fear that, like Instant Chat, it might be too hard a strain on my shared hosting account.

  14. I’m loving the new update.

    Questions: Will a LIKE button be added to the BLOG, for users to LIKE comments??? and the ability to COMMENT on a specific reply. Just like the features on the news feed.

    Questions: User Photo Gallery???

    Questions: FOR BLOGS & FORUMS, Will the topic name be in the url instead of a number? For example http://www.oxwall.com/blog/oxwall1.5

    Was just wondering, those my only concerns…

    • This is not the core functionality. The native “Video” plugin still only supports video embeds. I believe there’s a third party plugin for video uploads, though.

  15. Weeeeeeeee ….. I love you Oxwall (and all that works with Oxwall)

    Please don’t sell Oxwall n have em ruined and dump in da dumpster by new company. That is my No 1. concern. I see you being the greatest (hint : ahemm β€œBest Social Networking solution”) cms ever built, you will surpass Facebook in users.
    Mark my words …. mark my words ….

    Thank you Oxwall developers and those part of it.

  16. Oxwall software requires a web server capable of running PHP 5.2.6 or higher, Apache 2 or higher and MySQL 5.0 or higher.

  17. i tried using oxwall before but stopped, cos it keeps users who exited their browser without signing out online- it still keeps them showing that they are online. Please i do hope this would be corrected in 1.5

    • This is more likely a problem with your configuration, namely your cron job settings. It is the cron job’s task to sign out users who haven’t been active in a while. If your users stay logged in forever unless they sign out, there’s probably a problem that prevents your cron job from running.

        • We had the same thing going on with our previous server host. Turns out that it was a server side issue. We are pleased to say that everything is working as intended with the new hosting company. πŸ™‚

  18. I am so glad to see the menu alignment to left now is default. Thanks
    But I notice no new features added, just repairing old ones, disappointing.

  19. I understand in 1.5 will not smile too? Why?
    Are you basically did not let them?
    Sorry for my English!

  20. 1. Your CMS is very hard to resources is not felt easy.
    2. Your CMS is not fertilized by the administrator to edit the files.
    3. Many challenges and a lot of bugs.

    Who are still in the mail uses the “subject” to send the user to another?
    Who still makes it so that in order to design editing, have to climb into the code, and use the developer mode? Just some small questions

    What are you now about usability?

    Better to do nothing, than to do a “free” shit.

    With small hope, that you will be better.

  21. great work it’s worth the wait and im really excited to test it πŸ˜‰ i hope you did a solution for the long meta description !!! in forum area and other sections!!?


  22. Will the forum section get each memeber total post? I don’t see an option to see how much posts is posted.

    Also will member be able to change their profile layout (FULL) not just background img, but the whole 9-yards.


  23. I just found out about Oxwall today and im very impressed thus far and i think i will base my adult dating site on this. Will also try and develop some new plugins that i need for myself and release them here.

  24. Hi,

    Interesting changes! Like everyone else I’m also looking forward to this release.

    Any plans on creating a bootstrap-theme for Oxwall or are such designs frowned upon by this community?


  25. Muy bueno es oxwall una pregunta, ya hay en el oxwall 1.5 version mobile y tambien lo que son los comentarios en tiempo real? hay para buscar a los usuarios tipo facebook? son plugin muy buenos y nesesarios que deberian tener. Otro plugin es donar a la website…. No e visto mejor plugin que oxwall los felicito espero que sigan asi progresen mas ah otra cosa deben crear oxwall en espaΓ±ol oficial de ustedes seria mucho mejor πŸ™‚

  26. I have the previous version.
    I have a very small content.
    How can I set up the latest version with my actual content?

    In this version that I am, the photo plugin
    doesnΒ΄t work very well.
    You canΒ΄t edit the photos or delete them.

    Does this version fix the problem?


    • The new version is now in Beta and is unavailable for live site updates yet. The release is just around the corner though. As for the photo plugin, please report it on the forum with more more details.

  27. Dec 19, please come already.

    I’d strongly suggest for OXWALL team to look into – MOBILE/PAD/TABLET compatibility “FIRST”.


    • You will have to update your theme for it to be compatible with the new release, once it’s out.

      • This statement making me real real real scare … for a code-a-little user .. I’m very very scare … hee … have to create another oxwall with 1.4.1 with same theme to try …. god please, bless oxwall 1.5 hee ..

        • No reason to panic. To ensue the safest update possible, we go through a preliminary beta testing, on top of several in-house tests of the update process. However, if some changes to the site were introduced not as plug-ins, they will be lost after the update. To prevent that you’ll have to backup all of the changes, then update the site, and after that gradually re-introduce your modifications.

  28. Hi –

    I’m a user of a xitti site… and today when I logged in (after being away for about a week), I noticed that the login process went faster (it had always been sluggish – probably the social network admins were paying only a ‘free’ package up to that point).

    Anyways I loved the new release. I googled to try to find out if this software was open-source, and I ended up here.

    My question: Is this new software upgrade we’re seeing on xitti sites the same thing as the release 1.5 which was expected around December 19, 2012?

    if so, I may want to get xitti for myself, and try hosting it on my server. it looks and feels like a much more mature and full-featured social networking platform now.

    (sidebar: i don’t take lightly installing php on my server – i’d much rather install something written in node.js, ruby or python – but i have to be realistic: the bulk of opensource software i want is more often than not written in php+mysql, it has been the defacto standard for web development for so long… it’s just that i dread installing it on my server because usually at some point in the middle there’s a conflict between some version of components like imagemagick and some database access layer… because i also attempt to run php web apps behind nginx instead of apache, so i have no apache on my server… long story… maybe i should just be running an amazon instance that comes with php configured or something, who knows…)

    • excuse me, not :
      get ‘xitti’
      but rather :
      get ‘oxwall’.

      i just learned the names wall.fm and oxwall.org a few minute ago, up till now i guess you could say my (open source social networking) life has been pretty xitti…

  29. plus… i dont have a tablet yet but i should be getting a google nexus 7 in the mail any day now…

    and so i wanted to test if the xitti site i’m on (with the new little chat box in the lower left) could “go mobile”…

    on my pc, testing whether something can ‘go mobile’ simply involves making the screen really small and narrow, to see if all the page elements/widgets manage to cram themselves into their smaller spaces…

    (is there anything than that to “mobile”? isnt it just a dynamic gridbag layout which resizes to small screens)

    i was bummed to see the chat window got lost off the edge of my newly-shrunk screen

    i’m sure all it would take is a stylesheet adjustment to to this…

  30. I think in the next update you should be able to restrict email addresses not just usernames (e.g. @cashhloanss.com) – Could you consider?

  31. looks great now i wait to download it, but i think you have another timeline than the netherlands πŸ™‚

  32. πŸ™‚ its 19th Dec at 6 PM in India.. where is my update … I am madly waiting for it..

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