Oxwall 1.7.2 beta release

Hey there! We’ve been very busy during the 2.5 months since the last release, and for a good reason. It took us longer than we expected to develop this iteration and test it internally, that’s why we are glad to finally show you what we’ve been working on.

Today we are releasing Oxwall 1.7.2 beta. This release will contain some important fixes that we invite you to make yourself familiar with.

Most notable changes:

Flags (platform)

Flagging content has always been an underdeveloped aspect in Oxwall. We are focused on optimizing daily experience with Oxwall, that’s why we came up with a new, completely redesigned moderation interface in the admin area. If will be populated with various types of flagged content for your review:


Avatars (platform)

Finally! Users can now choose avatars from their existing photo albums. Sorry, it took unreasonably long, nonetheless here it is:


Oh, the new, redesigned avatar crop interface:


Messages (plugin)

And of course, we continue to smoothen our new Messages plugin, since it needs a lot of care to be a valid site communication tool. Here’s what we’ve done with it this time:

– Increased conversation body area;
– Improved conversation list (back icon, attachment indicator, group actions);
– Text formatting for input;
– Various performance optimizations (see changelog).


These are the most notable changes for this release. Review complete changelog here.

Please note: this is a beta release, not intended for deployment in production environment.  Beta testers now have the time to test the new release. Developers and designers are invited to check their store items for 1.7.2 compatibility.

Public release of Oxwall 1.7.2 is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 25.

Thank you,
Oxwall Foundation team

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19 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.7.2 beta release

  1. You have added social sharing buttons on the “Photo view” page, if the Social Sharing plugin is installed…

    But if I want to use any other social buttons sharing scripts NOT Oxwall native one and if I don’t want to turn on Social Sharing plugin – will an og:url and og:image be added on the “Photo view” page (on the photo Float box)?

  2. This is Great update again from oxwall…will start my 2nd oxwall site next month…. 🙂

  3. Thank you for first release
    i am dayline developer, and this my store items link http://www.oxwall.org/store/user-list/theme/heedbox

    you didn’t invite me to beta test yet, for unknown reasons always you forget me or make me last one, and another developers such as Aron, be the first to test it for their plugin, and if you see the forum a lot of users posted very bad reviews about their plugins and not updated, but for me no one post any bad review about me
    i prefer to post that here not in oxwall forum to all users, but if oxwall team continue ignoring me i will post it on the forum to let oxwall users give their Judgment about it

    please don’t ignore oxwall developers and treat with them as the same

    Best Regards
    Day Line Egypt Co.

  4. great news thanks . i suggest from my side for next release a complete mobile version which support all pages and plugins like blogs , forum , link , gift and more ..
    thanks again oxwall . 🙂

  5. First of all, thank you for deleting my comment

    can i know why you delete my comment ? i see that my comment is positive for my love oxwall

  6. Here is to hoping the update does not crash my site again, causing me to have to restart it all over again, for the 3rd time.. Updates should be yearly or bi yearly, not every 3 months, tbh.

  7. Very important to have something in place to prevent a spammer from signing up and then private message spamming the whole site. This has been reported before and it keeps happening.

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  9. Plugin updates available.

    The update process many plugins that make our website error
    such as plugin Blog, plugin Event. And some other plugins impact inaccessible.
    Thank you

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